Posted by: hevallo | May 30, 2007

An appeal to support the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

An appeal to all those, Kurdish and non-Kurdish, who have been touched, influenced, involved, supported, active in solidarity movements with the Kurdish struggle, in the past, recently and now.

We all know the difficulties we have faced but I appeal to all of us to try to do whatever is in your power or influence to support the Kurdish Freedom Struggle, especially in the field of information. We all know how the odds are stacked against us.

And to those who are already involved my appeal is this, please be effective. If you already work full time then use your energy effectively and not ineffectively.

If you are in Europe use the democratic means and avenues that are open to you.

Approach the media, develop relationships with journalists and learn how to be effective in diplomacy.

We are not in Kurdistan. We are not on the frontline. We did not volunteer to fight.

But we respect with all our hearts those who did and those who are now.

We do not always agree with the strategy of political leadership but that should not be an excuse for inaction.

Whatever you can do. An email to a journalist, organising a demonstration, lobbying an MP or introducing the Kurdish issue to NGO’s, get ready to be active and be in solidarity with the Kurdish people in Turkey.

Its plimsolls against F35’s in the mountains and Western intelligence aid and criminalisation policy against a just struggle in the propoganda war.

Its David against Goliath but we have the moral high ground and a just cause.



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