Posted by: hevallo | June 6, 2007

Turkish hatred of Kurds.

This story reported in the Turkish media is a good example of the every day racism shown to Kurdish people in Turkey. Two young men were attacked, by first a couple of people who objected to them wearing a T Shirt of a singer and then by a mob who gathered. The picture (left) shows the mob who are saluting the Turkish fascist salute of the facist Grey Wolves.

Ahmet Kaya the singer, who is very famous in Turkey died some years ago. He had stood up at a Turkish awards ceremony and ‘came out’ as a Kurd. He was shouted at and had things thrown at him. It was a turning point for the Kurdish cultural renaisance. Ahmet faced the hatred of the Turkish system and went into exile and died in Paris where he was given a hero’s funeral.

Racism against the Kurds in Turkey runs very deep.


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