Posted by: hevallo | June 7, 2007

Turkey declares new state of emergency in Kurdish area.

Turkey has declared a new state of emergency in the Kurdish areas of Turkey. As detailed by Mizgin at Rasti under the cover of a supposed ‘invasion’ the Turkish army declared a state of emergency around the border of North and South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq and Turkey). More from International Herald Tribune. This is a very ominous sign and further proof, if proof were needed that Turkey’s policy is one of annihilation of the Kurdish people. For 15 years Turkey imposed a savage state of emergency which was finally lifted in 2002
During those years the Turkish army were given free reign to carry out a policy of attempted genocide of the Kurdish people. A forced assimilation policy was attempted by systematically and brutally burning Kurdish villages. Millions of Kurdish refugees left homeless walked to nearby towns and some came to the west of Turkey to seek new lives. This annihilation was carried out under the state of emergency and no western journalist could enter the region.

Many Kurdish journalist lost their lives trying to report what happened and many more were imprisoned. Turkey became known as the most dangerous place in the world for journalists.

The west turned a blind eye and supplied weapons for Turkey to carry out its atrocities.

Extra judicial killings were common place. Few want even to think about those days as they caused trauma on a national scale.

It is to the shame of the western world that they turned a blind eye to the massacres against the Kurdish people just as they did to the Kurds in Iraq.

But the Kurdish movement is at its strongest it has ever been and it will not be easy to go back to those days.


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