Posted by: hevallo | June 12, 2007

History of Turkish psychological warfare. A proveable example.

Most of the psychological warfare that goes out routinely by the Turkish psycho ops dept is hard to prove. Most people who are directly involved know and have come to expect the unexpected. But here for newcomers to the Kurdish Question is a proveable example of what goes on routinely and what can be expected again soon. It was an incident that happened in a Kurdish town of Guclukonak in 1996.

It happened JUST DAYS after Turkey had been warned by the EU over photos published in The European newspaper among others, showing Turkish soldiers holding up the decapitated heads of Kurdish guerrilla fighters like trophy’s. (One of the photo’s is shown down this page) It was Turkey’s response to this protest by the EU that its own soldiers carried out another atrocity to cover up the first atrocity. This has happened so often. Turkish soldiers carrying out atrocities and blaming it on the PKK. Sometimes they actually dress up like PKK guerillas before carrying out atrocities. And then call the PKK ‘terrorist’s. Trained in psycho-ops in the US and Germany it has been very effective in fooling a lot of people.

In fact:The PKK are seen by the Kurds as the Kurdish National Liberation Movement and has its mass support.

Please if you want to try to understand the Kurdish issue and the labelling of Kurds as ‘terrorists’ you must read this report in full.

(I hope one day someone makes a film about it because it reads like a script and explains so much.)


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