Posted by: hevallo | June 20, 2007

Richard Perle. The Hudson Institute, The Nixon Center and the Turkish military.

The Copenhagen Criteria demands that Turkey’s military reform itself so as not to have the dominating role it now enjoys over elected Turkish governments. But there are some Neo Cons probably paid by the Turkish military who are lobbying hard for the Turkish military in the USA.

Richard Perle, who is now a board member of The Hudson Institute, who recently ran a ‘meeting’ with top Turkish army staff on how events in Turkey may unfold, spoke 18th June 2007 at The Nixon Center defending the Turkish military from any reform.

Richard Perle said at the meeting:

“The military sees itself as the guardian of Turkish secular democracy, and will intervene in politics when it perceives that secularism is under siege. Such intervention runs the gamut from comments—meant to influence public opinion—to seizing power from governments thought to be “ineffective.” Although the Turkish military has overthrown four governments since the Turkish republic’s founding, it has always returned power to civilian officials. The military, therefore, does not impede the functioning of Turkey’s democracy; rather, Perle said, it is an important check on the Turkish government’s power. “The model of the military coup that we’re familiar with doesn’t apply in the Turkish case”, the scholar explained.

This is not the first time that Perle has lobbied for Turkey for money.

“When Richard Perle was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security from 1981-1987 during the Reagan Administration, he led the successful effort to give massive grant military aid to Turkey,” they wrote, adding that Feith was on his staff at the time. “Wolfowitz and Grossman actively supported sending high levels of arms to Turkey. Weapons supplied by the US were used by the Turkish army against the Kurds since 1984 and are being used at the present time.”


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