Posted by: hevallo | June 25, 2007

‘Chemical Ali’ goes to the gallows. When will the Kurds in Turkey get their justice?

Kurdish people were ‘celebrating’ the courts sentence (Mizgin questions if it is cover up) of ‘Chemical Ali’ who orchestrated the Al Anfal campaign of the attempted genocide of the Kurds within the Iraqi borders.

But Turkish generals carried out a similar ‘genocidal’ repression against the Kurds in Turkey. It has been well documented that Turkey has been responsible for the deaths of unknown amount of Kurds in Turkey since the inception of the modern Turkish state in 1921. Since the mid eighties, Turkey has carried out a policy of forced assimilation and forced depopulation of Kurdish towns, villages and hamlets.

Here these depopulations are detailed by UNHCR.

In Lice in 1993, witness’s reported to a human rights delegation, who visited the town, that on the morning of the 22nd October 1993 a Kurdish man conscripted into the Turkish army came to the school and asked the teachers to take the children somewhere safe as the Turkish army were going to ‘raze Lice’ that day.

Lice, November 1993.

Tanks and helicopters began to bombard the town, population 40,000, then lorries of soldiers entered the town and shot people in the street as they ran for their lives. 10 people were found cowering in an office in the town hall and were burnt alive. Over 100 were killed arbitrarily in the street. Millions of rounds of ammunition peppered the town and every single house and shop were burnt to the ground. Witness’ s reported to a human rights delegation that the soldiers among everything else were shovelling a ‘chemical’ from a trailer into the the shops which ‘combusted’ into flames.

Other cities and towns saw just as brutal treatment from the Turkish military and state sponsored militias. When a village or town was being ‘razed’ usually the men would be rounded up and most would be taken away for ‘questioning’. Many dieing under torture or simply disappearing. Mutilations were common place. Cutting off of ears and genitals. Humiliation always took place when villages were being burnt, examples include people being stripped naked and lead by ropes around the village before the village was burnt. Soldiers ‘urinated’ on villagers and Kurdish women were raped, often in front of their children. The animals were shot and crops and all tractors, machines, buildings burnt. Millions were forced to walk away from their villages with nothing, destitute.

This was a systematic campaign to forcibly ‘depopulate’ and assimilate the Kurdish people into Turkish culture. Over 3,000 Kurdish towns, villages and hamlets were ‘cleared’ like this creating millions of refugees. Anyone who tried to report on these crimes were targetted. Many journalists were killed as a result of attempting to report on these genocidal crimes against humanity. Hundreds more were imprisoned (picture right) or internally deported to other areas. Foreign journalist were excluded from the ’emergency area’. Without the political, military and economic support of the Western governments Turkey could never of carried out these crimes.

Tens of thousands of Kurds remain in prison. Their only crime is to be Kurdish.

And as ‘Chemical Ali’ is led to the gallows not one person has been asked to account for the crimes against humanity perpertrated against the Kurds in Turkey although the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) has recieved hundreds of cases through its courts, Turkey is only fined as though it was a minor crime!

Where is the justice for the Kurds from Turkey?

No wonder that the Kurdish people support the PKK!

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