Posted by: hevallo | June 25, 2007

UK supplies weapons for Turkey’s human rights abuses against the Kurds.

These are Turkish Special Teams. Responsible for the worst of Turkey’s human rights abuses against the Kurds.

The Otokar vehicle that you see in the picture is 70% British Land Rover. They even come with a plate saying Land Rover.

This from an article in the UK’s Land Rover Monthly Magazine 2004, about the Land Rover Shorland and its activities in “E Turkey”:

“The basic Shorland APV was such a successful design that Otokar in Istanbul, who licence produce Defenders for both their own military and gendarmerie, and for other military users in Eurasia, produced an almost identical copy. Used primarily by the Jandarma on Turkey’s troubled eastern border with Iraq and the former Soviet Union, the armoured body of the Otokar APV has minor design tweaks to improve occupant survivability. When I visited the factory in 1992 I was shown pictures of one which had been disabled by a land-mine and subjected to several hundred Kalashnikov rounds in an ambush by Kurdish separatists. Although the crew were injured and deafened, they were able to successfully fight off their attackers until help arrived and all occupants survived.”
Here firing at innocent Kurdish civilians in Cizre.
Here is a report from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade based in the UK relating to arms sales to Turkey
As Turkey has recently dramatically increased its repression against the Kurds and is set to invade South Kurdistan, the UK should freeze all arms deals with Turkey until such time as there is a political and peaceful solution to The Kurdish Question in Turkey!

Stop UK arms sales to Turkey!

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