Posted by: hevallo | July 5, 2007

If Turkey invades Kurdistan "It will ignite a devastating war in the region!" said Kurdish President Barzani

Not one day goes by without another call from Turkish generals or politicians for ‘help’ in fighting the PKK! And today is no exception.

Its nationalistic rhetoric that either sounds hollow and tired or is the culminating crescendo prior to invasion.

Kurdish President Massoud Barzani responds, yet again, warning Turkey of any thoughts it may have of invading Kurdistan.

“It would ignite a devastating war in the region” Said Barzani.

“Unity of the Kurds is vital!”

Kurdishmedia-A PKK leader in response to Turkish threats stated to Hawlati online on Wednesday that the PKK is ready to fight, defending Kurdistan, to their last drop of their blood. Abdulrehman Chadirchi, responsible for the PKK’s external relations, told Hawlati, that the PKK is ready and prepared itself for any attacks by Turkey. “We do not accept any incursion from Turkey.“To combat threats from Turkey,uniting Kurds of four parts of Kurdistan is vital,” Chadirchi told Hawlati referring to the divided Kurdistan between Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

If only the Turkish ruling parties and military would pay as much attention to solving The Kurdish Question in Turkey politically as they do on nationalistic slogans and military bullying, it would be of greater benefit for the people of Turkey and their economic and political future.


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