Posted by: hevallo | July 5, 2007

Is this part of the psychological warfare of Turkey and the US Neo Cons?

Some of you, I’m sure, will of come across some quite outlandish articles by a man called Scott Sullivan. I’ve always thought he was a loony right winger ranting ultra right wing gibberish really. All his articles are aimed at ‘forcing’ US policy to a position of supporting Turkey invading Kurdistan, accusing Barzani of being Fascist and goading Turkey on to invade, providing ‘intellectual’ reasoning to what the international community see as indefensible. But I’m beginning to be suspicious of this guy. Is this part of the Neo Con/Turkish Military psychological warfare that is flagging up the unthinkable, that the US support Turkey against the Kurds(a policy they are already following anyway), the very same allies who fought and died alongside American soldiers in the ‘occupation’ of Iraq. Who is Scott Sullivan and who does he represent? This from a website with some of his articles on it that HE seems to of set up!

Scott Sullivan’s Background:National Security Council (1982-1984)Department of Defense (1984-2004)Office of International Security Affairs, and office of Special Operations Forces, Policy Planning

Most of his articles are coming from The Conservative Voice but some also are published on and now this new website he’s set up. Conspiracy? In the pockets of some Oil Company? Or part of the Neo Con/The Hudson Institute/Joseph Ralston/Richard Perle/Marc Grossman…. etc etc/Turkish Generals/Deep State ring?



  1. This Sullivan guy truly is a flaming jackass.If he’s the best the Deep State can do, then it must be more desperate than we thought, because this guy outright lies and can’t even quote accurately from articles he references.I don’t know. Maybe his writing an example of a mind in either early-stage Alzheimer’s or late-stage syphillis.

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