Posted by: hevallo | July 11, 2007

Like Bees to Honey. Neo Cons to Turkey!

Recently resigned from the World Bank over an ‘ethics scandal’, arch Neo Con and architect of the Iraq colonisation by the USA, Paul Wolfowitz says in the Financial Times, on his arrival at his new post at the Neo Con American Enterprise Institute, (that is funded by among others, by the Oil giant ExxonMobil member of US Azerbaijan Council that is a member of the American Turkish Council)

“I wouldn’t mind working on some countries like Indonesia and Turkey that I’ve had a long association with.”

He will join Richard Perle and Micheal Rubins two other ‘foreign agents of Turkey’s ‘Deep State” at the AEI

Exxon Mobil is known to have interests in Kurdish/Iraqi oil:

“Irving, Texas-based Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s biggest oil producer, is waiting for a petroleum law, spokesman Len D’Eramo said in a May 24 e-mail.
“If the Iraqi government decides it wants international oil companies to partner with them in developing their resources, Exxon Mobil would be interested in participating,” he wrote. Source:Bloombergs

P.S. “While many had breathed a sigh when high profile neocons like Wolfowitz, Feith and John Bolton were banished from Departments of Defense and State, the Vice President’s office is still a veritable neocon hotbed. David Wurmser and Elliot Abrams still hold key positions, and their influence over policy is strong enough for the President to reject ISG recommendations in favour of a plan drafted by Fred Kagan of the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute.” Source:Variant.


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