Posted by: hevallo | July 28, 2007

Turkish Military Psychological warfare begins against the Kurdish Freedom Struggle!

The Turkish Army have not waited too long before beginning their next psychological information offensive against the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

Already there are some classic psycho-ops stories surfacing in the media. Take this one today. PKK kills Turkish villager for not giving them food’. The only source for this story is the Turkish military.

Here we have another story circulated today. Note the only source of this story is the TRT1. That is the Turkish State broadcasting Company. Its a story telling us that a PKK man blew himself up and killed ‘4 leaders’ of the PKK. Denied of course by the PKK. (Hudson Institute?)

Reported at Kurdish Info is the fact that the Turkish Generals will not attend the opening of parliament on Tuesday in protest at the elected will of the Kurdish people, the swearing in of the DTP deputies.

Clearly, there are going to be some very big ‘psychological information stories’ coming out and we will feature them here at Hevallo when they do. The Hudson Institute ‘scenario’s’ coming to fruition!

The truth as always is the biggest casualty in any war but the Kurdish Freedom Struggle has had to battle with an unbelievably strong psychological warfare unremittingly waged against it that has influenced attitudes towards the PKK and the Kurdish people in general.

A criminalisation policy that ‘labels’ the oppressed as a ‘terrorist’. This is our biggest problem and this is why that Kurdish people and their supporters, all over the world should actively engage with their local and national media countering this ‘psycho’ war against the Kurdish Freedom Struggle with letters, responding to untruths and writing articles and submitting them to newspapers and online websites.

Words are Weapons! And the Turkish Generals are declaring war!


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