Posted by: hevallo | August 16, 2007

Over 400 Yezedi Kurds murdered. By who? And for what?

It now seems that there have been over 400 people killed in this latest bombing of Yezidi Kurds in Kurdistan. The question that everyone must be thinking is, who was responsible for this atrocity?

It is interesting, to say the least, that since there seems to have been a policy shift by the US in relation to the Kurds, bombs have been going off in the previously relatively quiet area of Kurdistan! Mostly in Kirkuk and now this! The date, 15th August, (beginning of Kurdish armed struggle for freedom by PKK) adds suspicion in my view of Turkish involvement.

Some are blaming Al Qaida or Iraqi Sunni ‘insurgents’, but surely many must have also suspicions, that, as the violence is steadily escalating the hand of Turkey or Iran is actively trying to sabotage article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, that guarantees a referendum on Kirkuk and surrounding areas (including the area of the bombing), before 31st December.

A referendum that would ask the residents of the area if they want to belong to the area controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government or the Baghdad Government. Yezedi Kurds seem to me to be a politically chosen target and not just because of the stoning incident of a Yezedi woman who had a romance with a Sunni, as the media are reporting.

Suspicions are also rife that the US has changed its policy of support for the Kurds in favour of Turkey and are preparing to back Turkey in any invasion of Kurdistan. We already know that there have been secret meetings between US and Turkish military discussing special operations. The Hudson Institute and more recently Eric Edelman briefing congressmen about covert US operations with the Turkish special forces in Kurdistan.

To destabilise the area first would give the perfect excuse to enter.

Exxon Mobil sponsored Neo Con ‘think tank’ American Enterprise Institute have been pushing for a policy of distancing from the Kurdish Regional Government in favour of Turkey.

Is this Plan B for Exxon Mobil and US Neo Cons, who have not been able to get their hands of Iraqi oil because of massive opposition to giving away Iraqi oil to foreign powers?

Just when you thought this war and occupation was dirty, things are about to get even dirtier…..if that is possible!

And in stark contrast that highlights the obscenity of the whole Iraqi occupation is the news that while the people of Iraq and Kurdistan deal with the bloody aftermath of the US/UK occupation, Tony Blair is hiring US lawyers to negotiate a multi million pound deal for his memoirs.



  1. A multi-million pounds for Blair’s memoirs??I’ll give him multi-millions of pounds . . . of <><>gû<><>.

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