Posted by: hevallo | August 27, 2007

Turkey against the Kurds. USA dirty war exposed.

Latest from the US/Turkey psychological warfare dept development.

Exxon Mobil are angling for Turkey to invade Kurdistan as they cannot get their hands directly on Kirkuki and Basra oil because:

1) Of Iraqi opposition to the so called ‘oil laws’ that give massive concessions to ‘foreign’ (American) oil companies.

2) They cannot sign separate deals with the KRG because that would affect any later deals in Basra.

So USA/Exxon Mobil are developing a policy of supporting the Turks to infiltrate and take over Kurdistan so as to be able to get much bigger oil concessions from the Turks.

But they cannot do this openly because it would not go down very well with the lie they used as one of the justifications of the US invasion and occupation, that they were liberating the Kurds from an evil dictator, Saddam Hussain.

So they are playing dirty tricks instead. Dirty, dirty tricks instead.

We already have accusations of ‘hand prints’ all over the killings of over 500 Yezedi Kurds. And that Turkish officers were found in an Iranian military helicopter that was shot down by Kurdish guerrilla fighters, to the silence of the US authorities.

But here is one the dirtiest angles that they are playing, explained with precise clarity as usual by
Mizgin from Rasti.

It basically, involves US supporting Iraqi Sunni militias that are being paid by Turkey to scupper a referendum about the future status of Kirkuk. We’ve already seen US attitudes changing towards the Turkish policy of blocking any referendum but this further exposes US policy of supporting Turkey to do their dirty work of securing Kirkuki oilfields.

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