Posted by: hevallo | September 1, 2007

Why does Turkey keep the bodies of Kurdish Guerillas?

Killed on 25th August 2007 by the Turkish army, these 11 young Kurdish martyrs of the
Kurdish Freedom Struggle are now at the centre of intense controversy and speculation.

The bodies of the Uludere 11 have not been released to their families and there is increasing speculation that the reason, is that the Turkish army used chemical weapons against the Kurdish guerrillas and do not want this to be known by the international community.

The European Union or Council of Europe should urgently send a delegation to investigate this incident and autopsies should be carried out by independent investigators.

The suspicions have arisen because of animals who have eaten grass around the area where the 11 young fighters were killed, have been found dead. More than 10 animals have been found dead. Autopsies should be carried on those animals as well.

The families are incensed that the bodies of their loved ones are being kept from them and they are being denied the right to bury their sons and daughters. The reluctance of the authorities to release the bodies from state hospital morgues only fuels the ‘chemical weapon’ theory.

The international community ignored the gassing of Kurdish people at Halabja and they should not ignore these calls for an investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Turkey.

The Kurdish party DTP has brought this issue to the attention of the Turkish parliament only to be told that they are traitors for even suggesting it and are now being investigated for possible prosecution for only raising the issue.

There needs to be an independent investigation.


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