Posted by: hevallo | September 27, 2007

Turkish Army dress Turkish Soldiers as PKK. Its official!

A top Turkish army officer has admitted in a book what many have known for years. That the Turkish army dress up Turkish soldiers as Kurdish Freedom Fighters. This admission is just a tiny glimpse into the systematic psychological and dirty war that the Turkish Generals plan against the Kurdish Freedom Movement on a day to day basis. Many former soldiers have admitted carrying out atrocities against the Kurdish civilian population in Turkey and all have escaped punishment.

Turkish soldiers dressed up as Kurdish Guerilla Fighters have carried out many atrocities and then put the blame on the PKK. Guclukonak and Hantepe being incidents that were proved to be the Turkish army but many others that are also known about.

Still to this day the Turkish psychological war includes what are called ‘provocations’. Actions carried out by the state and blamed on the PKK.

They are so often you don’t even have to look very far. Take today for example there is a story that is being pumped out dutifully by The New Anatolian detailing how they have been told by ‘sources’ that the PKK are going to kill Kurdish mayors to gain support of the Kurdish people. To anyone who knows even the slightest bit about the Kurdish Freedom Struggle this is laughable.

But this kind of psychological media piece is something that regularly hits the Turkish press and is aimed at, and swallowed by, the Western Media, so doing the Generals dirty work for them.

Massive and systematic human rights abuses continue against the Kurdish people, their representatives and media in Turkey and these are not reported.

It is sickening and hypocritical of the Western governments and media to be feigning concern for the struggling people of Burma when they themselves repeat unquestioningly, propaganda pumped out by the ruling Generals of one of the biggest abusers of human rights, Turkey.

It is good to see that not everyone is blinded by the Turkish Generals psychological warfare.

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