Posted by: hevallo | October 1, 2007

Joseph Ralston. Shamed by pro Kurdish campaigners into resignation?

Joseph Ralston, the US ‘special envoy’ who came to Turkey under the official title of Anti PKK coordinator but whose real mission was to secure a deal for his US arms company Lockheed Martin, has, according to this article, submitted his resignation!

Well, was this because he had secured the multi billion dollar deal and had no further interest in sticking around or could he not bear to make a public appearance after two pro Kurdish bloggers, Hevallo and Rasti ran an effective campaign to ‘expose’ him as a serving director of Lockheed Martin? Even the Turkish Ministry of Defence were pushed into making a statement. Now, when you look up Joseph Ralston in Wikipedia you will see he has a whole section on this special ‘conflict of interest’ as a result of our work. I’d like to think it was the latter although it was probably the former. He took the money and ran! As the vice chairman of the private lobbying firm The Cohen Group he is probably at this moment working on some other dirty deal for Turkey.



  1. My, my, my . . . The Turkish defense ministry failed to mention Ralston’s prominent position on the advisory board of the American Turkishh Council. It also failed to mention Ralston’s prominent position as a vice-chairman of The Cohen Group, which is a lobby firm for Lockheed Martin, among others. It failed to mention the documents in the US Senate, filed by The Cohen Group under the Lobby Disclosure Act of 1995, in which Ralston is named as a Pentagon lobbyist for the export of tactical fighter aircraft. Furthermore, it failed to mention that shortly after Ralston’s appointment to “coordinate the PKK for Turkey,” he managed to swing the Lockheed Martin F-35 deal with Ankara.Talk about sins of omission. Oh, yeah, they also forgot the part about how Ralston did absolutely NOTHING after the ink dried on the F-35 deal.I am happy to see that our work has been preserved on the Wiki entry, comrade, as well as knowing that the conflict of interest was included in some of Sibel Edmonds’ writings.Serkeftin!

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