Posted by: hevallo | October 16, 2007

Turkey’s Psycho war against the Kurds gets defensive.

This must be the pinnacle of Turkish psychological warfare operations. The Turkish military are complaining that they lack the facilities to conduct psychological warfare! Now that is one of the biggest psychological warfare stories so far, tagged on to another about Ottoman raiding parties. I suspect that this comes as they are worried about international opinion and have been noticing more and more bloggers and comments on the world wide web on Turkey’s psychological warfare especially around the Beytüşşebap incident and felt that they had to plant a “we cannot do psychological warfare operations” into the media. I mean, even talking about psychological warfare, its not the sort of thing that one would just say out of the blue is it!

Unless, of course, it was… psychological warfare!

Here is the psycho story:

“Meanwhile, the military has been complaining that Turkey lacks the means to effectively conduct psychological warfare against the PKK in southeastern regions of the country. Psychological warfare is used to boos the motivation of Turkish forces struggling against the terrorists while eroding the influence of the PKK among the local people.Military sources say they suffer from a state institution that will carryout the psychological warfare.They say in the past this was done by the Social Relations Department of the National Security Council but this unit was abolished after the Council fell under the rule of a civilian secretary general. In 2003 the General Staff wanted such a department to be set up within the Office of the Prime Minister. The government opted to boost the role of the Supreme Board for Anti-Terrorism to fill in the vacuum.. The department for security affairs within the Prime Ministry became a general directorate.” Source: The New Anatolian.

GenelKurmay, you may think you fool most of the people most of the time but you don’t fool many, any of the time!

And why do I think that the US State Dept are aiding Turkey with psychological warfare? Well, apart from this, judging on many of my visitors to Hevallo gives clues………’s one of today’s.

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