Posted by: hevallo | December 3, 2007

New Book: Uprising, Suppression, Retribution. The Kurdish Struggle in Turkey in the Twentieth Century.

Hevallo has had the enormous pleasure of being able to get hold of a copy of this hugely important book that has just come out in English.

It is long overdue in the English language and translated well by Andrew Penny.

The importance of this book cannot be overstated, as it details the long and painful history of the Kurdish Struggle in Turkey. A history that has been banned, distorted, ignored and subject to psychological warfare by the Turkish authorities.

This from the author Ahmet Kahraman:

“Turkish history as recounted by official Turkish historians is founded on myths. Consequently, Kurdish history has also been distorted and falsified to accommodate the Turkish national story. Hence the actual Kurdish role in Turkish history goes largely unacknowledged, or worse, it is deleted from the records. The many Kurdish movements for independence or self-government within the larger Turkish state are ignored, which is strange because official Turkish historians do number their Kurdish revolts-one through to 29-without devoting any discussion to the possible motivations or struggles of the people behind these revolts. This central lack of understanding of the role Kurds have played within Turkish history is the reason why I have chosen to write this book.”

Hevallo highly recommends this book to anyone who wishes to understand the situation of the Kurds in Turkey today.

The PKK’s Freedom Struggle, is in the tradition of resistance to the Turkey’s genocidal and assimilationist policies towards the Kurds.

Ahmet Kahraman details from historical records and personal oral testimonies from living relatives of those directly involved in the three main Kurdish ‘Serhildans‘ (Uprisings) The Shiekh Said Uprising, The Dersim Uprising and The Ararat Uprising. The last chapter is devoted to ‘The 29th Uprising’ of the PKK.

“An insightful and stimulating account of the history of the Kurdish uprisings, this book is an essential reference point for those with an interest in Kurdish history.”
Kerim Yildiz, Executive Director, Kurdish Human Rights Project, London.

“One may hope that with authors like Kahraman, Turkey will eventually face her history, learn from it, and let the Kurdish population live openly, without fear of reprisal or intimidation, to heal the sore wounds from the past.”
Mark Muller, QC. London.

Ahmet Kahraman is a respected Kurdish Journalist. He has twelve major works on Turkey and the Kurdish issue. He currently resides in Germany. Uprising, Suppression, Retribution: The Kurdish Question in Turkey in the Twentieth Century was first published in Turkish and banned in Turkey.

Cover Photo: Two members of the Dervish Jemal (Dervis Cemal) tribe in Dersim. Photo taken before they were sent into exile after the Dersim uprising was repressed.

To get a copy of the book you may order it from my list of recommendations on the right.


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