Posted by: hevallo | January 2, 2008

Michael Rubin, Turkey, the PKK and Lies for American Enterprise Institute and Exxon Mobil Money.

This man, Michael Rubin, Paul Wolfowitz and the Exxon Mobil sponsored ‘think tank’, American Enterprise Institute, are on a political and psychological mission.

To lie and misrepresent the truth to convince the world that it would be a good idea for the US to forget about its so called ‘liberation’ of the Kurds, and to pursue instead, an even closer relationship with Turkey.

Well, not so much a mission to persuade the US, because they are already up to their necks in Kurdish blood, but really to get the idea of betraying the Kurds once again accepted by the International community.

To fool, lie and misrepresent the truth so as a favourable situation will arise in regards the exploitation of oil for US multi national oil companies can come about. The US/Turkish message to the Kurds is that you will have, “Neither Kurdistan Nor Kirkuk!” It is not the first time that Rubin has lied for Turkey’s Military Generals.

Because to be quite frank the US military has supported the Turkish regime for decades and Turkey has been the second biggest, next to Israel, recipient of US arms and aid. One of the biggest arms deals in history being secured by the director of Lockheed Martin, Joseph Ralston, when he was sent to Turkey by George Bush, last year under the pretence of being a ‘Special Envoy’.

It has supported Turkey by giving military and psychological warfare training to the Turkish military. It has supported Turkey by spinning the lies of the Turkish Generals. So no change there, just more of the same. Ultra nationalist right wing military junta being supported, economically, militarily and politically by the US. The US legal system has imposed the most severe gagging order in legal history on Sibel Edmonds, an ex CIA translator who knows of the dirty links between Turkey and the US Neo Cons.

The only thing happened in the middle was that the Kurds of Southern Kurdistan helped the US with their invasion and occupation of Iraq. When Turkey had refused entry to Iraq it was the Kurds who fought and died side by side with US marines to overthrow Saddam Hussain, who was responsible for an attempted genocide of the Kurdish people. Now the US are providing ‘intelligence’ to another country who is also responsible for an attempted genocide of the Kurds………Turkey.

Just think, one year ago, one would of said that sort of change of policy was unimaginable but if you have, like I and others, been following the likes of Michael Rubin and other Neo Conservatives close to George Bush and the Turkish Deep State then it would come as no surprise whatsoever.

Turkey has been supported primarily by the US, UK, Germany and Israel in barbaric suppression of the Kurds, that Michael Rubin completely ignores in his so called analysis, preferring to promote the Turkish Generals lies about the 30,000 deaths being the result of PKK actions rather than the truth that is recognised by all international human rights organisations, that the majority of that 30,000 figure has been Kurdish civilians killed in Turkey’s scorched earth policy of ‘draining the sea to catch the fish’ policy.

Razing and levelling over 4,000 KurdishCities, towns, villages and hamlets in the nineties creating over 1 million internal homeless Kurdish refugees. (That figure is even from the CIA Turkey Factfile)

The Turkish military marching and driving into cities, villages, towns and hamlets and shooting indiscriminately, rounding up all the males and imprisoning without trial and then torturing them.

Raping Kurdish women in front of their children. Getting women to put rope around the genitals of Kurdish men and to force them to lead the men around the town or village in tactics only seen in Nazi Germany during the holocaust.

The ‘trophies’ of ears collected by the Turkish special teams after they destroyed and killed Kurdish villagers or political activists and dried out in the sun and placed on their keys rings.

The rewards offered to Kurdish Village Guards for the heads of Kurdish Freedom Fighters. Indeed the photos that Turkish soldiers regularly took of Kurdish Freedom Fighters when they had killed them.

Decapitated heads held proudly out in the air for they were proud of what they did.

Groups of soldiers huddled around the naked mutilated body of a women guerrilla fighter all of them grinning with pin point eyes, dehumanised in one of the dirtiest wars in history against an oppressed and subjugated people.

The international community supported the Turkish Generals then to their shame. The greatest enemy of the Kurds at that time was silence.

This time the greatest enemy of the Kurds are lies. Lies put out by the likes of Michael Rubin and Exxon Mobil sponsored American Enterprise Institute.

Lies that are designed to mask the truth and label the oppressed as ‘terrorists’.

As happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. As happened to the Black Resistance in Apartheid South Africa. As happened to the Irish during English colonial rule.
But this time it is different.

Because the US have supported Turkey in its dirty war against the Kurds for decades but has lead nowhere.

In fact the Kurdish resistance movement is at its strongest that it has been in its history right now. Hence the actions of the Turkish Generals in manufacturing the latest incidents at Beytussebap and elsewhere, that lead to the US supported bombing of Kurdish civilians in Kurdistan.

The truth is that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has fought against a barbaric oppressor who has been supported by all the main colonial powers for decades, in fact since the establishment of the modern Turkish state.

It has fought back in a way that is deserving of a Steven Spielberg epic entitled, “The Kurds and Their Freedom Struggle for Survival” at immense sacrifice that could not be possibly even be imagined here.

So, it is not time for anyone to listen to the ratlike lies and dishonorable words of people such as Michael Rubin who are motivated to lie for others for financial incentives, nor the intensified efforts of the Turkish Generals to label the Kurdish Freedom Movement as ‘criminals and terrorists’, but rather it is time for the ‘international community’ to ‘right a wrong’ and to put intensive political pressure on the Turkish regime to finally come to a peaceful and political settlement with the Kurdish people, so that the whole area can move forward and after a process of reconciliation, enjoy the same freedoms that everyone else expects.
The world needs to know the truth about Turkey’s suppression of the Kurds not more Nazi propagandist, Goebbels style, psychological lies!

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