Posted by: hevallo | February 23, 2008

Turkish Soldiers Enter Their Own Graveyard, Called Kurdistan!

Yesterday Vietnam, Today Kurdistan.

As Turkish Soldiers finally make their move into Kurdistan backed by the US, England and Israel, one of the biggest foreign policy blunders is unfolding before our eyes.

This invasion and occupation of Kurdistan by Turkey has been pushed by the Neo Con elements in the US with a belief that by supporting Turkey’s long standing desire to crush the newly formed Kurdish state, that Turkey can help to assist Exxon Mobil to access Kurdish oil around the historically and politically important Kurdish city of Kirkuk.

It is a blunder that will lead to the same disaster that was Vietnam.

It is based upon an assumption that Kurdish people in South Kurdistan will sit back and let Turkish troops roll into Kurdistan and murder Kurdish civilians as they have done for the last 6 months by aerial bombardment.

For the moment they are entrapping the Turkish Army into Kurdistan. This will have the important effect of politically uniting the Kurdish people worldwide.

This from Mizgin at Rasti.

Özgur Gundem, notes that PKK will become stronger while under attack because the freedom movement has dominated the area for some time, with the guerrillas having far greater practical knowledge of the terrain as it actually is on the ground. We are also reminded that PKK has been preparing itself for Turkish ground operations–both invasion and point-target attacks–for the last two years.

An example, from May 2005:

[TSK] unsuccessful with its operationsThe HPG officials said that the [TSK] has been unsuccessful in its operations and that the HPG’s new way of actions on the basis of small groups of guerrillas with active and high action capacity led to [TSK]’s classical operation tactic to be in vain.

HPG officials said that as a result of this new way of action, [TSK] had difficulties in “imposing clashes on the guerrilla under its initiative” and that the [TSK] military troops have become an open target for the guerrilla teams who have spread well into the territory.

HPG officials drew attention that the guerrillas are no longer raid police stations but aim permanent points where [TSK] is well established in.40% of HPG losses are as a result of informers and ambushes.HPG officials said that this was “a reflection of the strategic changes made” and that the military strategy changed accordingly”. They underlined that “actions undertaken were no longer to establish free areas” but “to force the other side to a resolution”.

They also added that guerrilla losses, as a result, decreased in comparison with past years, but the [TSK]’s losses increased due to a change in guerrilla movement.HPG officials said that in the last year [TSK] has been trying to gain control through on the spot operations based on intelligence and informants. Hence the 40% of the losses incurred has been due to informers and ambushes.A decrease in the village guard losses. The balance sheet of one year also draws attention to the losses of village guards.

It can be seen that after the decision of June it represents 1% of the total losses of the [TSK] as compared with hundreds of village guards losses in the 1990’s. It was pointed out that this is in accordance with the decision “if the village guards do not participated in active warfare they will not be treated as targets” of the HPG II Conference.

The clearest warning to the US-England-Israel-Turkey alliance is summed up in ÖG thusly: “Here are Kurdistan’s rebellious mountains, not Palestine’s streets!”In the meantime, HPG freedom fighters have brought down a Cobra in Çemço, Zab region, and HPG has lost two guerrillas.

What is clear is that we are now entering a new phase where the Kurdish Freedom Movement is being provoked to change from its present defensive position to an offensive one. Wheter or not that political decision will be made will presumably soon become clear.


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