Posted by: hevallo | February 27, 2008

International Media Ignore Turkish Repression of Kurdish Demos Against War.

The International Media are ignoring the massive a persistent opposition to Turkey’s US invasion of South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets of Diyarbakir yesterday (above) in popular opposition to Turkey’s military attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Fighters in the mountains of Qandil. Similar demonstrations were held in Hakkari and Van. Police attacked the demonstrations for chanting slogans in favour of Abdullah Ocalan the imprisoned Kurdish leader incarcerated on the ‘Robben Island’ type prison on Imrali Island off Istanbul.

Today, again over 20,000 Kurdish people took to the streets in Dogubayazit and after a successful and peaceful demonstration, the police without warning, attacked the demonstration.

Eye witness accounts speak of a completely unprovoked attack by the forces of the Turkish State. Over 20 people have been detained, suffering undoubtedly, severe torture, while at least 4 others have been injured so badly as a result of injuries inflicted by the police that they have been hospitalised.

It is extraordinary that with such massive and persistent opposition to the Turkish military action that no international media outlet is reporting the Kurdish voice. Al Jazeera’s report of yesterday was an honourable exception.

Despite the military success’s of the Kurdish Freedom Fighters, Turkey is forcing the Kurdish people into a corner where they must defend themselves. They have their jackboot on their neck and are aiming to destroy Kurdish aspirations of equal rights and justice.

When the Kurdish people fight back through self defence, they are called ‘terrorists’!

Millions of Kurdish People in Turkey Support the PKK.

They Are Branded as ‘Terrorists’ so as to Justify the Most Horrific Repression.
The Turkish military onslaught in South Kurdistan with all the most modern and expensive weaponry is a declaration of war against the Kurdish people. Anyone who can open their eyes and digest information can see that the popular support that the PKK has among the Kurdish population in Turkey means that this attack is a direct attack on the Kurdish people and as such will be responded to by the mass actions of the Kurdish people.

The International Community should not standby and watch as the racist ultra nationalist fascist army of the Turkish State carry out a policy of mass murder in Turkey.

The greatest crime that anybody can perpetrate against the Kurds at the moment is the crime of SILENCE!



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