Posted by: hevallo | March 25, 2008

Live, and take comfort!

Mehmet Selim Kurt (Çekdar)

Deepest Condolences to the Family, Friends and Comrades of the 10 Kurdish Freedom Fighters recently Martyred fighting for Kurdish Freedom.

Live, and take comfort,

Thou has left behind,

Powers, that will work for thee,

air, earth and skies.

There’s not a breathing of the common wind,

that will forget thee,

thou hast great allies,

Thy friends are exultation’s, agonies and love,

and man’s unconquerable mind!

Sehid Namerin!



  1. Sehid namerin! biji PKK”I belive armed struggle is the only solution for those people who fight to free themselfs”(che guevara)TERRORISTS AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS…thier is a big difference

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