Posted by: hevallo | March 27, 2008

Kurdish Women Freedom Fighters Promise Revenge for Turkish and Syrian Murders.

YJA-STAR issued a statement in which its guerrillas promise revenge for the martyrs of 12 March, whose team leader (left) was a member of YJA-STAR and for Newroz attacks in Qamishlo, Wan (Van), Gever (Yüksekova).

YJA-STAR noted the combined resistance of Kurdish guerrilla forces in the Zap region and the Kurdish people’s resistance during Newroz, remarking that this is an historic period in which guerrilla and the people’s resistance had integrated and become stronger.YJA-STAR commented on the outpouring of support for the leadership during Newroz, throughout Kurdistan as well as in Istanbul, and that this outpouring of support showed the Kurdish people’s solidarity with the leadership.

In its statement, YJA-STAR greeted the Kurdish youths’ resistance, “We greet the Kurdish youths’ resistance; We celebrate them because of their determined struggle. For rising and maintaining the struggle in terms of integration with the guerrillas, we are calling all our youth in general, and young girls in particular, to our active struggle areas, which are our mountains.”

“In this respect, we give our deep condolences to [family, relatives and comrades of]the people that have been murdered in Qamishlo, Van, and Gever; we hope the wounded get well as soon as possible and we declare that we share our people’s grief.” In addition to this, YJA-STAR said, “Indeed, everyone must know that the Kurdish people are not alone. YJA-STAR forces promised revenge against all the miscalculated attacks. “

“We are declaring this promise to the whole world.”
To Turkish and Syrian security forces: The women of the PKK are coming and they’re going to show you just how weak your shit really is .
Source and Courtesy of: Rasti.


  1. Sehid namerin!helal olsun YJA-STAR’aSanada helal olsun hevallo senin sayende görüyoruz ve oğreniyoruz bu haberleri.

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