Posted by: hevallo | April 3, 2008

Kurdish Organisations Call for Tourism Boycott to Turkey!

Turkey Tortures Kurdish Children.

Don’t Put Your Holiday Rights Before Human Rights!

KON-KURD (The Kurdish Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe) Press Release.


Not recognizing the basic rights, language and identity of up to 20 million Kurds, Turkey has made an attempt to annihilate the Kurds basic human rights, whether they are women, children or elderly.

The terror operations of the Turkish State, which have killed tens of thousands of Kurds, forced 3 million Kurdish people to emigrate, set on fire, thousands of forest hectares killing thousands of wild animals and disrupting wildlife, have been increased recently.

State security forces terrorized once again during the celebration of International Womens Day and the Newroz festival. The brutal images of Kurdish children and women beaten up severely, the child whose arms were broken in front of cameras and 5 killed Kurds during the attacks were watched all over the world.

Human Rights Organizations such as Human Rights Association (IHD), Turkish Human Rights Charity (TIHV), Mazlum-Der, and the International Tracking Committee of Human Rights (HRW), International Amnesty Organization (AI), gave a great place in their reports of 2007 and first quarter of 2008 regarding this situation.

In the 2007 report of Human Rights Organization (IHD), it has been reported that as a result of violent practices of Turkish Security Forces against Kurds who are seeking their democratic rights have been increased compared to previous years, as a result of operations 345 people were killed in 2006 and it has been increased up to 424 in 2007.

Furthermore, in parallel with the increase in number of deaths, injuries, detentions, arrests during demonstrations, torture and bad treatment, the continuing ban of Kurdish language and the further suppression directed against the Kurdish Mayors, the intensity of increased pressure and attacks against pro-Kurdish legal political party, civil parties and organizations were all recorded in Mazlum-Der and TIHV reports as well as the Turkish Human Rights Group, th IHD.

Equally, in 2007 report of HRW, “ despite the unilateral ceasefire of the PKK, an obvious increase in the use of deathly enforcement without any reason during both the interference of Security Forces against protesters and during their own security practices has been witnessed” is identified.

In the rest of the report about the attacks leading even to child death, it has been declared that “ instead of making an enquiry about the use of deathly forces leading to deaths, by changing anti-terror legislation, government “delegated authority to security forces for the use weapon directly and without hesitation”

The people governing Turkey are misusing the opportunities and resources of the country in the filthy war against the Kurds. The tourism sector constitutes the main economic area financing the state terror against Kurds.

The income profit of Tourism in 2007 is up to 18. 5 billion dollars. A high proportion of it is coming from European Tourists. A considerable percentages of this money is being used for militarist expenses against the Kurds.

In those days of entering new tourism season and state terror against Kurds reaching its climax, we would like to remind this truth to the foreign tourists who had been in Turkey before or intending to go, the foreign currency Turkey gains from tourism is being used for the war against the Kurdish people.

How can be possible to secure human safety in a such country where people are killed everyday, many places are announced as security areas, tens of military planes are bombing villages, hundred thousands of soldiers are conducting operations, in both cities and Kurdistan hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against war?

We call on the European and the International public.

Do not choose your right to have a holiday over Kurdish human rights!

Do not go to Turkey and finance, indirectly the war against the Kurds!

Do not go to Turkey as your holiday money may buy bullets for shooting Kurdish people!

Do not go to Turkey if you do not want Kurdish children to be killed!

İf you respect and believe in human rights, please, do not go to Turkey!



  1. Tourism? I even dont buy peanuts if its made in turkya. I always check who produce the thing before i buy – if its turkish, i dont want to touch it.

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