Posted by: hevallo | April 7, 2008

More Kurdish Martyrs! More Pain!

Deepest condolences to the family, friends and comrades of these four Kurdish Freedom Fighters who recently were martyred fighting the Turkish occupiers for Kurdish Freedom.

Halil Uysal was a Kurdish Freedom Fighter and also a filmmaker.

His films included:

TIREJ Director: Halil UysalEditor: Ozgur ReyzanCast : Mehmet Emin, Harun AhmedProduced by: Martyr Sefkan Culture & Art School, CinemaDept.Kurdistan 2002 / 50m / Kurdish with English subtitlesA film written, directed and acted by real life guerrillas andbased on a true story, this is perhaps the first feature made entirely by guerrillas. It tells the story of a clash with the Turkish army. After fierce fighting, two guerrillas survive and are encircled by the Turkish army. The war is seen from the perspective of the guerrillas. Will they survive? Will other guerrillas come to their rescue? What are their thoughts when they are fighting, and what will go into the diary of one of the guerrillas?
TALL MIRROR (Eyna Bejnê)Director: Halil Uysal Cast: Sabriye fke, Hevi Sanoger, Tofan Silan, Sadik CudiKurdistan 2002 / 100m / Kurdish with English subtitles /An exploration of the daily life of the Kurdish guerillas throughthe eyes of a child called Sakine. The mountain guerillasattempt to bring a mirror from a nearby village as a birthdaypresent for Sakine. The ensuing journey with four guerillas isa journey of discovery for Sakine and she makes friends with them. A mirror held up to the life in the mountains.
BERITAN Directors: Halil Uysal, Jinda Baran, Dersim Zeravanr Cast: Beritan Cûdi, Jinda Baran, Rubar Qamislo, Ömer Harran,Jinda Wan, Nugayla, Beritan Boran, Gesbun, Sterk Amed, DersimZeravan, Xebat Serhat, Rezan Iran, Andok Amed, Ahin Qubani,M.Emin, Bager Mardin, Raperin, Hasan Afrin, Erkan Safir. SouthKurdistan (Iraq) 2006 / 180m / Kurdish (Kurmanji) and Turkish. Filmed in the Kurdish mountains and acted by real guerrilla fighters, this is the true story of Kurdish heroine Gülnaz Karatas, nickname Beritan,who joined the Kurdish resistance movement. She was both a poet anda resistance fighter who also fought the wrong doings committed bysome commanders within the PKK’s military wing, before dying a heroic death, throwing herself off a cliff after running out of ammunition.

Clips from Beritan.



  1. When and where did Halil Uysal fall shehîd?

  2. Dear Anon, Please find a report, in Turkish, here.

  3. Thank you Hevalê hêja,it was a very sad news.I was near to cry yesterday when I watched RojAktuel on RojTV about Halil Uysal.I didn’t know he were born in Germany and participated in Gêrilla coming from his native European country.This point and the fact I saw his unique films and that he would have made lots of another good films if he wouldn’ fall shehîd made me as a member of Kurdish diaspora in Europe to fully understand the sadness of this news.

  4. Very sad news indeed.I was very pleased he made the film ‘Beritan’ as I was fortunate enough to meet her in person a few months before she died. I found this interesting documentary on guerrilla life:

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