Posted by: hevallo | May 9, 2008

Kurdish Village Guards in Turkey are not Civilians!

Okay, here, above left, is a Kurdish Village Guard. Someone who has chosen to accept money from the Turkish Regime to act as a paid agent of the Turkish state to militarily fight against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. To provide the Turkish army with any information and take up arms and fight alongside the Turkish army. A Turkish State Employed Armed Milita.

In no way can he be called a civilian!! He has a gun, a uniform and fights beside the Turkish Army.

But this word is carefully chosen by the Turkish Army’s Psychological Warfare Dept/Turkish press and media to describe village guards when they become casualties in the ongoing war between the Turkish Army and the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Here thankfully, is the same story shown as an example of not excepting the Turkish Psychological Warfare and calling them what they are. If only all the media would challenge the Turkish State’s Psychological Misinformation Campaign then the Kurdish Freedom Struggle could be seen in its proper context. A legitimate struggle of an oppressed people for their basic political and human rights.

This is the main way that the Turkish State have tried to label the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Village Guards are treated as combatants in the war and are targetted by the Kurdish Guerilla’s as such.

You cannot have a line of village guards firing their weapons at Kurdish Fighters and when one is shot with returning fire to then turn around and say,

‘ah, they just shot a civilian, they are terrorists!’


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