Posted by: hevallo | May 19, 2008

Confusion, indiscipline and infighting in the Turkish Army is masked by Psychological Warfare.

Through their daily briefings and press releases, the Turkish Generals give the impression that all is going their way and the Kurdish Guerrillas are in disarray and disorganised. All psychological warfare designed to lower moral of the Kurdish people.

Two things have come into the news recently however, that blow that concocted image out of the water and show quite the opposite to be true. That the HPG are disciplined, motivated, tactically at an advantage and in their highest moral.

One was the amazing attack on the Turkish military post of Bezele and the second is this story from Mizgin about the officer in charge at the time of the capture of Turkish soldiers by the HPG Guerrillas of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. He was taped detailing the whole sorry mess.

Both stories show the Turkish army as undisciplined, inept and lacking in moral.

No wonder they need to make up stories.


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