Posted by: hevallo | May 26, 2008

The Kurdish Question in Turkey. No Justice, No Peace!

Kurdish Freedom Fighters from the HPG could of been responsible for a sabotage attack on the gas pipeline between Iran and Turkey. Very significant damage has been done to the pipeline with some 18 metres of pipe needing to be replaced.

I think we can expect a lot more of these kind of attacks from the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

And nobody should be surprised. The Turkish state are trying to annihilate the Kurdish Cause through repression and military means.

These targeted responses like that of the train derailment in Bingol are the kind of defensive attacks I believe will continue until Turkey gets the message that the Turkish authorities cannot and will not ever be able to solve The Kurdish Question by military means.

And that it will be better for them economically and politically to grasp the nettle and come to a political and peaceful settlement addressing the minimum demands of the Kurdish Movement.

It may be a long hot summer in Turkey.


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