Posted by: hevallo | June 18, 2008

Dear President Bush!

The Kurdish Freedom Movement sends an open letter to President George Bush.

“Dear Mr. President,

During the negotiations you made with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan on 5th November 2007, you announced that the PKK is the enemy of US in order to placate Turkey. Furthermore, you repeated the same statement when you met the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul on 8th January 2008. At the same time, your government included the PKK on the terrorist list in an unfair and injurious way.

In addition to this, we learned that the PKK was included on the list of organisations dealing with narcotics smuggling through the statement released in your name. This is so injurious, unfair and an unwarranted accusation. This is just the same as an extrajudicial killing. We urge you to present all the documents and evidence that are in your hands that supposedly prove your allegations.

The PKK has never involved itself in any narcotics smuggling. It is well-known however that the Turkish State applies these sorts of propaganda smears aiming at psychological warfare through the mass media and broadcasting. However, it is also well-known that this is not the truth but simply the propaganda of the Turkish State and as such is wholly based on deceit and falsehood. During the 30 years history of our struggle, thousands of our members have been on trial due to political reasons. Not one country including Turkey has been able to give a decision against us on this issue nor has Turkey been able to present any evidence to back up its allegation until now.

On the contrary, as mentioned widely in the reports of “the international trade of person and drug” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of US and various international institutions, drug smuggling has been run largely by Turkish State authorities, even the state officials are directly involved in this business.

The 2003 World Drug Report of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the distribution, production and sale of drugs in 11 countries are controlled by people from Turkey. Interpol also made public that the heroin traffic in Europe is in the hands of Turkish crime networks.

The 2002 EU Organised Crimes Report of Europol states that “Turkish Organised Crime Groups continue to be the major actors in the drugs traffic.” Most importantly, one of judges of the Frankfurt Federal Court, Rolf Schwalbe, mentioned that drug smugglers are protected by some members of the Turkish government and on this issue he mentioned the name of Tansu Ciller who was the president of Turkey at that time(21th January 1997 Germany News Agency). The deputy minister of Internal Affairs in the UK, Tom Sackville, stated on 26th January 1997 Interstar TV, which has broadcasted an interview in Turkey with T.Sackville who is responsible for action against smuggling, stated that there was evidence proving that some people in the Turkish government and police service are involved in the drugs traffic and also because of some information has been given by Turkish police services which has prevented major opperetion against drug trafick to be succeed and 80 percent of drugs found in the UK were coming from Turkey.

In addition, according to the report of “The Drug Geopolitical Observatory” in March 1997 of France, the 80 percent of drugs used in Europe was coming from Turkey and it was mentioned that senior officials of Turkey are involved in this trade. At the same time, in official reports of Turkey such as the Susurluk Report it has been revealed that many soldiers and police including senior officers are involved in this business and drugs have been transported in official vehicles including even helicopters. In the light of all this evidence, I have to express that I therefore have difficulty in understanding your decision.

The truth is that the PKK movement is against all sorts of drug that are poisoning the people both ideologically and politically and it has stood against the usage and selling of drug on all occasions.

We, as Kurdistan Freedom Movement, repeat the same calls that we also have stressed in the past to invite all the institutions struggling against organised crime to investigate thoroughly these allegations and expose the truth. After a consistent, objective and accurate investigation, it will be clearly seen that drug smuggling is not carried out by the PKK; in contrast, it is conducted by people supported by the Turkish State.

Mr. President,

The PKK is a political party possessing the most partisans in Kurdistan and the Kurdish regions. The PKK is a public movement and the leader of the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people. By accusing the PKK as being terrorists and smugglers and declaring it as the enemy, you both humiliate the Kurdish people and make them turn against you. Not only it will this result in a worsening of your image in the Middle East, but it is also inconsistent with the interests of the US. With this position, you legitimize the dirty war based on the underhand politics and massacres that Turkey has been conducting against the Kurds centred on torture, forced assimilation, pressure, displacement, denial of their existence and destruction. Therefore, this decision can only please Turkish militarists insisting on continued deadlock; it triggers this dirty war conducted by the Turkish State against Kurds and it leads to more bloodshed and tears.

The Kurds are not the enemy of any group including the US. Like all other communities, the Kurds also have a desire to live freely in their country. The PKK is the result of this freedom demand and its struggle. By the way, on what grounds do you base your decision by these unfair accusations? The PKK has never sought to target Americans nor the interests of the US in its 30 years struggle. In this context, on 17th November just 12 days after your statement on 5th November, the minister of Foreign Affairs of your country, Matthew Bryza, in the statement he gave to the Turkish media admitted that, “the PKK has never attacked any American. By announcing them as an enemy, we risk ourselves.”

Mr. President,

You should also know very well that the Kurdish question is a historical issue in need of urgent resolution; it is not the issue of security and terror but it is a result of the denial of the basic human rights and it is the issue of a people’s very existence.

We are not against your relations with Turkey. We do not tell you to disrupt your relations with Turkey for us. However, we do not want your relations to cost the lives of Kurdish people. The ideal is your relations are to be supportive for the resolution of Kurdish question and for you to adopt a positive role in this resolution. If this were done, you will gain the sympathy and friendship of both the Turkish people and the Kurdish people. We firmly believe that this should be to the advantage of the US.

Without resolving the Kurdish question, neither the stability will be achieved in the region nor will the Middle East become democratic. If Turkey resolved the Kurdish question this will not only contribute to the region to become peaceful, stable and democratic; but it can also allow it more easily to find its place within the civilized and modern world.

I have to mention that your ongoing politics and position aimed at our people are unacceptable and offensive. My main concern is that if your attitude continues along the same lines, the reaction of our people will increase and it will be very hard to mend the negative results that will ensue. This is the reason why I strongly believe there is an urgent need for a new approach.

In this context, what we expect from you a change to your present approach, to encourage Turkey to take further steps towards a peaceful and democratic resolution of the Kurdish question, support the steps taken and to make a serious effort in this direction.

Zubeyir Aydar
President of Kongra-Gel

Hevallo adds: Not to mention Sibel Edmonds!


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