Posted by: hevallo | August 6, 2008

Kurdish Freedom Fighters Stop Oil Flow.

The Kurdish Freedom Fighters of the HPG hit another economically important target yesterday when they blew up the pipeline that brings oil from Baku to Ceyhan. (Picture above.) And the HPG/PKK have warned of an increase in attacks on economic targets in Turkey.

Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil rose for the first time in four days after Turkey said a pipeline carrying crude to the country’s Mediterranean coast from Azerbaijan may remain shut for two weeks following an explosion on Aug. 5.

It may be as long as two weeks before the pipeline reopens, Ali Gungor, the governor of Erzincan province where the blast occurred, said in a phone interview today, citing information from a repair team that’s studying the extent of the damage. The explosion prompted BP to cancel export obligations from the 1- million-barrel-a-day pipeline……….

……..The Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, said it bombed the pipeline, the Kurdish news agency Firat said on its Web site today. The PKK, which has been fighting for autonomy in largely Kurdish southeast Turkey for two decades, attacked a section of the pipeline in Erzincan province in east Turkey late on Aug. 5, the report said. Source:



  1. Another successful operation by the HPG. No wonder why the Turkish government want’s to cover it up.

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