Posted by: hevallo | August 6, 2008

Kurdish Martyrs for July 2008.

Dılşad Sümbül (Yakup Çiftçi)

Eylem Amed (Aynur Erdem)

Zilan Amed (Kader Çiftçi)

Ferhat Dersim (Abdurrahman Nalioğlu)

Nuda Karker (Nazan Bayram)

Deepest condolences
to the families, friends and comrades
of these fallen martyrs.

Sehid Namerin!

Read Rasti for latest War News for July 2008.



  1. Thanks for posting it. They won’t be forgotten never.I want to make You a question. Do You know when the singer Delila died?? I saw her video a few months ago (with the name “Delila”), but now the video is being showed in Roj TV with the name “Sehid Delila”…ThanksAzad

  2. Azad, I think she was martyred last year on the 24th August 2007.SilavHevallo.


  4. Gelek spas Hevallo.This is so sad….Azad

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