Posted by: hevallo | August 23, 2008

Kurdish Youth Festival. London.

We are delighted to announce that the 5th Kurdish Youth Festival is going to take place this September. This year our festival will be bigger and better than ever, with dozens of activities lasting for five days beginning on the 19th of September.

Differing from previous years, our festival this year will be hosting not just Kurdish and Turkish artists and culture, but will be teaming up English and European acts as well.

Below is a breakdown of our program; 19/09/08 – 1st DAY: Our program will begin on the 19th with a Seminar & Discussion about the role and responsibilities of young people in the world today and for the future. The youth representatives of all the major Turkish and Kurdish Community Organisations in London will attend this event. This event will hopefully become the springboard for a bigger youth movement in the community, aimed at tackling problems in education, crime and many other areas.

20/09/08 – 2nd DAY: The 2nd day of the festival will be held at Northumberland Park football ground where we will hold a 7 a-side football tournament. 10 teams will attend the tournament and the top three teams will receive their trophies and medals on the final night of the festival. We will also publicise an anti-drugs campaign with DASH (an anti drugs organisation) and have a stall set up by Connexions to help young males find educational courses and jobs.

21/09/08 – 3rd DAY: The 3rd day of the festival will be taken up by indoor sports events; ranging from table-tennis, darts, chess, snooker, pool, boxing and net-ball. The winner of each event will also receive their medal on the final night. This will also be an opportunity to publicise the DASH and Connexions campaigns.

27/09/08 – 4th DAY: On our 4th day we will be hosting the most colourful and exciting Arts & Culture event London has ever seen. Our line-up will consist of three different folk dance groups, representing different dances from Turkey and Kurdistan. Following this Ba (Silent Winds) will sing music with Eastern and Western instruments.

The night will continue with the KCC Women’s choir, who will sing traditional Kurdish songs. Followed by a performance from the KCC Theatre Collective based on young people and achieving dreams. Next up will be Black The Ripper, one of the rising stars of hip-hop. The night will close with Emre & Eray, two of the youngest and most well known musicians in London’s Kurdish community.

They will sing rock and pop songs in Kurdish and Turkish.

28/09/08 – To outdo the Arts & Culture night our final night Concert will be even bigger and better than the day before. On this night we will have some of the most well known and talented artists from Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe. We will begin the show with England’s favourite Kurdish music group Koma Sersi.

Well-known Alevi Kurdish singer Ali Ihsan Tepe will follow them. Ibrahim Rojhilat, one of Kurdish music’s most well-known and loved musicians, will be next. After this we will once again have a massive change of tone, and welcome from Sweden, Serhado, the biggest star of Kurdish hip-hop.

The night will end with a performance by the fifth and biggest act of the night, Rojda. The most popular Kurdish female artist of current times, who will perform old and new Kurdish songs together.

Of course there will also be much dancing and singing to go with the six powerful acts we have for the night.As this limited breakdown clearly shows, this year’s festival has the potential to be the biggest and most successful Kurdish Youth Festival to date.
Many people are and will be working extremely hard to achieve this.


Location: Fairfax Hall, 11 Portland Gardens, Haringey N4 1HU

For more details contact Mehmet Ak at The Kurdish Community Centre on 0208 880 1804


  1. Can you please post some contact information for the organizers and/or information on buying tickets, etc.?zor spas

  2. the news in kurdish here:

  3. Thanks Hevalo, i hope good luck for your festival.,Zor spas ji bo we.

  4. Why won’t you tell us who to contact to learn more about this event?

  5. Sorry expat, I don’t check my messages as often as I should.You can contact Mehmet Ak at The Kurdish Community Centre on 0208 880 1804.Regards,Hevallo.

  6. That’s great, thank you very much for your kind help.

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