Posted by: hevallo | September 2, 2008

The Rape and Torture of Kurdish Women by Turkish Security Forces.

“Say a woman guerrilla dies in a raid. She is lying there, her body still warm…you understand? Now, the soldier hasn’t had a woman in a long time. He see his chance. The soldier makes use of this opportunity. Then he does it.” Confessions of a Turkish soldier to a magazine called ‘Gercek’ in 1993.

It has been known for years that when Kurdish women are captured by the Turkish security forces they are subjected to the worst forms of humiliation, torture and rape. Here is an extract from Nulifer Koc, a Kurdish woman who lived in Germany and acted as a translator for a German delegation visiting Turkey to investigate human rights abuses in 1993. She was detained during the delegations visit and taken into custody by the Turkish authorities.

“I was told to stand and someone said fetch the buckets of cold water. I was ordered to undress. I hesitated. They came and undressed me and poured cold water over my head and body. They said talk you whore, I’ll fuck you right now if you do not talk. Then another bucket of cold water was used. I shook and cried out. He said put your hand out. I put my right hand out. He shouted both of them. He hit my hands with a rubber club and screamed, “talk!” I could not feel my hands any more, he had hit them so often. I was told to get dressed. I got dressed., I had to sit in the chair again and the questions began again from in front of me. ………..

Again, he told me to get up and undress. Once more he poured cold water over my body. All the time he screamed, “talk about the organisation’s activities” He poured more buckets of cold water over me, beat my hands again and told me to get dressed…….

He asked me if I knew the national anthem and birth dates of Ataturk. I replied no. They said I was lost because I had no national identity. They said I would turn myself into a German. They cursed me as a traitor….

I was led into another room”Get undressed!” Shaking, I undressed and they tied cloth around my wrists and attached very tight handcuffs to them. The handcuffs were fastened to the wall so I hung from the wall with my arms stretched out to either side, with the tips of my toes just touching the floor but not my heels. They turned on very loud European pop music, saying this should make me feel at home. As I hung there I thought the veins in my arms were so swollen that they would burst. I could not even hear the music anymore because of the pain. I could hardly feel my fingers. It was impossible to move my arms, the handcuffs were so tightly fastened to the wall. I could not raise my head, let alone hold it up. I believe I hung there for more than an hour. Then I was brought to interrogation again. They said if I was not more reasonable, things would get even worse for me.

Because of the pain I could no longer concentrate on their questions. I did not answer. They hit me but I did not feel the pain any more. I felt death to be near. They could do anything to me but I would tell them nothing. I was no longer afraid of them. Life no longer mattered to me. I felt my actual existence had already ceased. Yet I was calm.

I told myself I was in the hands of beasts who would tear me apart and that I could no longer resist. They beat me but I felt nothing any more. I was no longer there.

Again they asked me the same questions, I did not answer, I could only shake my head because I was so exhausted, I no longer had any sense of my upper body, nothing mattered. They beat me and threatened that if I did not come up with different answers even worse things would happen to me. I said I would think about it. Then they brought me into a cell and for the first time gave me a blanket. It was dirty and stank. I crawled into the corner of the plank bed and wrapped myself in the blanket. I told myself my body belonged to them, they would tear it in pieces but I would not betray my beliefs- my belief in freedom.

Thousands of other people had given their lives for it. I had no right to betray such a heritage. My life is not more valuable than the lives of those people. I knew they would kill me wheter I talked or not. I dreamed my father would open the door of the cell and fetch me out. I would be able to embrace my two small brothers, tell my mother how dear she was to me and then I could face death with equanimity. I had no fear of them. I was the one who had the power. They would not get what they wanted. I would make sure of it. These thoughts and ideas freed me from fear…..” Nulifer Koc. Printed in RESISTANCE Women in Kurdistan. August 1995. For more information contact Estella Schmid 0207 586 5892

Hevallo adds, Nulifer suffered further sexual torture by ‘the beasts’ but because of a campaign that was mounted by the German delegation and diplomatic pressure was released, alive.

For more confessions see Mizgin’s postings of yesterday.

Kurdish Human Rights Report on Torture and Rape of Kurdish Women.



  1. such inhumane acts…that is the true face of the TSK.

  2. when you hear story like this you will really wish God existed to punish those people who do this inhumane acts. God will seek revenge to those who are doing this if they will not repent. And I think those people will not repent so they will really feel the wrath of God.

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