Posted by: hevallo | September 15, 2008

Turks use Kurds as Human Mine Detectors!

In a leaked report to Taraf newspaper, it has been exposed that the Turkish Military are using Kurdish civilians as human mine detectors.

In 1997, allegations surfaced that the Turkish military had forced Kurdish villagers to act as human mine detectors.3[3] In March 1997 a Turkish parliamentary commission investigated allegations by villagers in the Batman region that troops had forced them to walk through a minefield.3[4] According to Hadji Mohamed, a local farmer,
“The security forces came to the village and rounded up 30 of our men and forced us into their cars. They said we were being taken to collect wood. Instead they drove us to a huge field they dais was full of mines.”3[5]
Another man, who refused to give his name said:
“The lieutenant who was leading the operation ordered us to stand in a line and start walking towards the field. We were terrified. When we refused, he began cursing us, slapping us and beating us with his rifle butt. He (the lieutenant) said, ‘From now on you will be mine detectors and I will make you walk through this field every day for the rest of your life.’”3[6]
The villagers said they spent hours wandering around the field. Source: Landmine Monitor.

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