Posted by: hevallo | October 17, 2008

Massoud Barzani. Kurdish Hero or Traitor?

Sitting at the table with the enemy!

Recent reports of Massoud Barzani wining and dining with Turkish officials discussing how to destroy the PKK sends alarm bells ringing in the Kurdish population.

What a sad end this would be to someone who has been held with such admiration by so many Kurds.

What is Barzani up to? How will Kurdish history judge him, hero or traitor?



  1. How are you gonna assume he’s a traitor just because he met with turks? Other Kurdish leaders from the north dine with turks all the time are they traitors too? Other Kurdish leaders sit in a Turkish parliament with the same ppl, are they traitors too? No their not. We must be always open to negotiations. For 4 years turks ignored Serok Barzani and did what they wanted with PKK. Now they realize that they must come to the table. When they come to the table with Serok Barzani he has always told them military incursions will not stop the PKK. They must approach the Kurdish issue in turkey with other methods other then violence. Is what he tells the turks so bad?

  2. whoever it is, who discuss or cooperate with the enemy to kill its fellow people is a traitor. And mr. anonynymous, we know that turks have no other discussion with Barzani then cooperating like the past. Barzani got no choose actually, if he won’t accept to operate against PKK, Turkey will demand its passport, and throw Barzani out of Turkish citizenship.

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