Posted by: hevallo | October 26, 2008

You Can No Longer Read Hevallo in Turkey and NW Kurdistan!

Since last Friday 24th October if you try to access Hevallo on the internet in Turkey and NW Kurdistan you cannot. Before last Friday Hevallo recieved hundreds of hits every week from Turkey, making it the highest number of hits from any country.

So before Friday, on Hevallo’s Stats Counter if you clicked the ‘country’ statistics you would see many Turkish flags and hits from Diyarbakir, Izmir, Mersin, Istanbul, Ankara and more. From last Friday onwards Hevallo’s stats have got not one hit from Turkey…………


Because Google’s blog websites, Blogger has been banned by the Turkish authorities making it now impossible to access any website with the address at the end.

Hevallo has a mirror site at and hopes that any readers in Turkey and Kurdistan will be able to find and access it.

Turkey has now banned Youtube and Blogger, two of the worlds biggest sites that those in other more democratic countries enjoy.

A sure sign of increasing paranoid and weakness!


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