Posted by: hevallo | December 4, 2008

Tory MP Robert Walter Author of EU Report, Lobbies for Turkey and for Arms Company with Links to Turkey.

Conservative MP for North Dorest Robert Walter has just drafted a resolution to the EU, labelling the PKK ‘terrorists’ and calls for action against ‘terrorism’ of the PKK etc. Find the report here.

But hang on!

Is this the same Robert Walter MP that lobbies for a LARGE UK ARMS AND DEFENCE COMPANY in his constituency, with, yes you guessed it, DEFENCE CONTRACT LINKS TO TURKEY!
Yes, it is!
From the UK Parliaments Register of Interests:
28 May-4 June 1999, to Turkey as a guest of the Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce. (Registered 13 July 1999)
Here is one of his questions from Hansards,

“I want to start off by dealing with two defence matters that relate specifically to my constituency, although they both involve enormous amounts of defence expenditure. The first is the AirTanker project, for which a company in my constituency—Cobham Air Refuelling and Auxiliary Mission Equipment—provides all the gizmos that enable those tankers to refuel aircraft in flight. The company, which has, essentially, almost a world monopoly, developed the system in the 1930s and has gone on to produce a piece of equipment that is second to none anywhere in the world. My concern, and that of my constituents, is that we have been almost at the signature point of the contract, which is allegedly worth about £13 billion over 27 years —it is a private sector partnership—but we are still not there. That is giving some cause for concern. What is the delay in the Ministry of Defence in signing off the contract?”Source:Hansards

So who is this Cobham company then? Oh, surprise surprise, they are both linked to Turkey and to Lockheed Martin. Gosh!

Here is just one of Cobhams concerns in Turkey. Antennae for Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft and for on top of Land Rovers! Could these above during the latest suppression of Kurdish civilians in Turkey, be from the same company that Robert Walter lobbies for? Its very likely!

Lets have a look at their annual report. Whats interesting in this one is not the glossy image but the flags of the countries that are their customers at the bottom of the report. Recognise one of those flags?

How vile and disgusting can you get. Aiding and abetting in the criminalisation process of a people so as to increase your profits from arms sales that will be used against them!


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