Posted by: hevallo | December 5, 2008

Murat Karayilan. "We are at our Strongest!"


KCK Administrative council leader Murat Karayilan answered questions put to him by Firat News Agency. Karayilan saluted the people who celebrated the 30th year of the PKK.

Karayilan stated that a solution without the PKK or the condition that the PKK must quit arms in order for a solution to become viable is absurd.

“This society has risen thanks to this party and its leadership, You cannot say to this society I am going to accept you and solve your problem but I will not forgive the organisation and the leader who gave you this spirit. This cannot be done. This is pacification. They are trying to say that if there was no PKK, if there was no Leader Apo then the Kurdish question would have easily been solved. The PKK and its guerrillas cannot be separated from the Kurdish people. This understanding will just cause conflict.”

Karayilan stated “How can we give up arms. They are trying to annihilate us. If one side is trying to annihilate the other then to take away their arms is to make way for them to be annihilated.

Secondly, this struggle has a history. Even before we had one gun in Kurdistan the Special Forces department used arms against us.”

Karayilan stated that for a solution to become viable the AKP government must stop its killing spree and its policies of bloodshed. “At this point the Turkish State must make a decision; If they want to live in peace with the Kurdish people then they must take note of the sensitivities of the Kurdish people and must acknowledge them.”

Karayilan reminded everyone that Ocalan made a call to Mr Erdogan in his latest meeting with his lawyers, Karayilan said that they were committed to this call and that they were open for the state to take a step.

Karayilan also called out to quarters that are seeking peace in Turkey saying that if they wanted the bloodshed to stop they must work hard for a two sided ceasefire. Karayilan stated that there was no sign of any improvement of the conditions of Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali island.

Justice Minister Sahin claim that “if the bombings stop a meeting could be arranged” these words were seen to be nothing but a lie. For a solution to the problem the roots need to be discussed.

If the Kurdish question wants to be solved the address is Imrali.

Karayilan also claimed that the current impasse was due to the AKP government’s preference for ‘conflict policies’.

Murat Karayilan therefore stated that Turkey needed a leader that will face the issues with courage, can think of solutions and can take risks when needed.

Karayilan claimed that their organisation is at a stage where it is completely ready for a solution. Our organisation is a strong as it possibly could be and this is why we are ready for peace and solution not just with words but with all our strength.


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