Posted by: hevallo | December 12, 2008

Turkey: Licence to Kill Kurds!

Ugur Kaymaz killed in 2004 by Turkish Security Forces, who pumped
12 bullets (one for each of his young years) into his body at close range!

Below are just some of the human rights abuses carried out in 2008 by Turkish State Officials. It is literally just a tiny snapshot as these are the cases that were reported or highlighted.
All of these cases will be working class Kurdish people,
victims of racist hatred of the Turkish Police and Army.

Thousands of others continue, daily, against the Kurdish people in Turkey under a blanket of silence from the International Community.

Worse, the Kurdish people themselves are ‘criminalised’ as though somehow they have brought this repressive fascist mentality upon themselves.

The truth though, is that it is Turkey that is a criminal state who criminally denied a people their identity and that is guilty of such massive and systematic war crimes against those who protested against such a denial, that it should be tried in the International Court for genocide and crimes against humanity.

February 8: 17-year-old Emrah Dervişoğlu who had allegedly been involved in the theft of a car in Istanbul, was shot for ignoring a police warning and died.

February 15: 16-year-old Yahya Menekşe died when he was crushed under a police vehicle in a demonstration in Cizre.

March 22: Police shot dead Zeki Erik during the Nevruz celebrations and Ramazan Dal was taken to intensive care after being beaten by police. Dal died 10 days later.

May 1: Daily Cumhuriyet correspondents Ali Deniz Uslu and Esra Açıkgöz were seriously injured as a result of the actions of police in a May Day rally in Istanbul, while they were working.

Aug. 27: Stopped by police in Balıkesir for driving under the influence of alcohol, Halil Bulut, while trying to get in his car to escape police, was shot in the heart by police and died.

Aug. 30: A fight broke out between police and civilians when civilians ignored police warnings to stop. A passerby, Aziz Yargı, unaware of what was happening, was shot dead as a result of a stray bullet fired by police.

Oct. 10: Engin Çeber died from injuries he received at Metris Prison in Istanbul.

Oct. 20: Ahmet Özhan died as a result of police firing into a demonstration in eastern Anatolia. The protest was staged due to claims the leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, was under pressure in İmralı, an island near Istanbul where he is serving a prison sentence.

Oct. 27: A police officer shot dead 18-year-old Çağdaş Gemik because he disobeyed a warning to stop.

Nov. 11: As a result of not adhering to the police warning to stop, 14-year-old Ahmet Yıldırım sustained back injuries as a result of police firing a shot. The police officer claimed Yıldırım had stolen a motorcycle in a southern Adana province.

Nov. 19: Soner Çankal, suspected of theft, was shot in the head and died in the Altındağ district of Ankara for ignoring a police warning.

Nov. 25: 20-year-old Baran Tursun was shot in the head by police while driving after failing to comply with a warning to stop. Source: Hurriyet.


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