Posted by: hevallo | January 1, 2009

Kurdish National Congress Pays Tribute to Harold Pinter.

Harold Pinter delivers a letter of protest to the Turkish Embassy in London about the suppression of the Kurds in Turkey.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)

Tribute to Harold Pinter: A Tremendous Loss for All Humanity

On Christmas Eve 2008 the world suffered a tremendous blow and the Kurdish people lost one of their most loyal and dear friends when Harold Pinter sadly passed away.

One of the English language’s greatest playwrights, the author of over 29 plays and numerous film scripts, Harold Pinter was celebrated as a writer, poet, director and actor with a distinguished career in the theatre, on screen, in radio and on television.

Pinter was a much deserved winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and his name will be remembered internationally for all time.

But Harold Pinter was more than a great professional author. He was a true friend of all humanity who was a towering figure on the side of people struggling for justice and freedom in every corner of the world.

An outspoken and courageous critic of tyrannical power and government corruption at home and abroad, Pinter’s unique voice and writings offered a bright beacon of hope for the poor and oppressed everywhere.

Harold Pinter truly understood the plight of the Kurdish people and repeatedly over many decades spoke out against the denial of their most basic rights of language, culture, identity and representation under the Turkish Republic.

It can be recalled that one of Harold Pinter’s most effective and moving plays, Mountain Language, was inspired by his deep sense of outrage at the intolerable treatment of the Kurds and remains a searing indictment of their continuing oppression.

Harold Pinter consistently stood for peace, decency and civilised values. His words will remain an inspiration for humanity.

The Kurds will always honour the name of Harold Pinter and we cherish his friendship and solidarity. They deeply mourn his loss and on behalf of the Kurdish people we send our heartfelt condolences to his family. He was a great man and a remarkable human being.

31 December 2008


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