Posted by: hevallo | January 12, 2009

Kurdish Asylum Seeker Speaks Out from Yarlswood Detention Centre.

Nazim Kilic is awaiting deportation in Yarlswood Dentention Centre. He has made the following statement from the centre, today, 12th Jan 2009, 1400hrs:

“I have been in the UK since 04/06/1999. I have been reporting to the Hastings Police Station as and when required, sometimes on a weekly basis and sometimes on a monthly basis.

On the 5th January 2009 at 0600hrs immigration staff (3 females and 4 males) came to my flat and wanted me and my family to get up and pack our belongings.

We were told we will be leaving the UK. We were told our flight was booked for the 8th January 2009.

I was told I will be returning to Turkey and my wife and children will be going to Belgium.

We were all brought to Yarlswood IRC in Bedford and held in detention.

We were taken to Heathrow Airport on the 8th January 2009. We told the Immigration Officer at the airport we did not want to be separated.

I am Kurdish and my land has been divided, part of my land belongs to Turkey and the other part is divided between Iraq, Syria and Iran. Since 1923 when Turkey became a republic they do not accept any other rights or ethnics as part of their culture. They don’t accept any reading or writing in Kurdish but want it in Turkish.

All other ethnics and religious beliefs were not accepted.

Many Kurdish people seeking their rights have left the country. This ‘ban’ is still taking place today. Turkey still doesn’t accept the Kurdish language and claims it as an unknown language. Against this Turkish ban anyone seeking Kurdish rights is killed. Thousands of Kurdish people are being killed who are labelled as “unknown killings” and many more Kurdish people are being arrested. All regions are getting poorer and there is no work.

Farming the mountain areas is banned. Over 4,000 thousand villages have been left empty and people have no choice but to leave their homes. These events are still taking place even today and these are the reasons.

I feel it is not safe for me and my family to live in Turkey. The Home Office wants me to go back there and I don’t want my children to grow up in this unacceptable place. There is still a lot of racism towards Kurdish people.

When I was in Turkey I was involved in political activities which put my life at risk and I had to leave the country with my family.

Here in the UK I was also involved in the community centres which catered for Kurdish refugees. The community centres were legal to run and was run with the help and approval of the local council. The Turkish embassy was watching our activities and monitoring who was involved. These activities, this alone, makes it difficult for me to return to my own country. I don’t what I’ll face when I get there.

The Home Office believes that I have been involved in political activities and say that part of my family still lives there, therefore I can live there too and that there is no danger for me.

Parts of my family are still living there but are scared and are under close observations from the Turkish people and laws.

My family are still living with fear and are looking for Kurdish rights.

Turkey will never be safe for people like me who are fighting for Kurdish human rights. I will always defend my ethnic rights and therefore Turkey is a danger for me and my family.” Nizam Kilic faxed statement from Yarlswood Detention Camp, 12th January 2009.

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