Posted by: hevallo | February 1, 2009

Turkey Tops Human Rights Abusers List!

Turkey tops list of Human Rights offenders in EU countries 2008

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has today published its’ annual report on judgements/applications to the court for 2008

The court delivered 1,543 judgments in 2008, 3% up on 2007, and 30,163 decisions, 11% up.

57% of applications to the court had been lodged against just four States (Russian Federation, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine), with the remaining 43% covering the other 43 Member States.

Top 5 offending countries against Human Rights in the EU 2008

1) Turkey 257 Judgements against

2) Russia 233 Judgements against

3) Romania 189 Judgements against

4) Poland 129 Judgements against

5) Ukraine 110 Judgements against

UK came 11th out of 43 with 27 Judgements against
Current caseload at the court 100,000 applications


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