Posted by: hevallo | February 6, 2009


Over the last couple of months it is becoming increasingly apparent that the UK Government has decided to increase its help to the worlds worst offender of human rights, Turkey, in it’s campaign against the Kurds of Turkey.

Numerous stories are coming to light about the UK’s Secret Services increasingly harassing and intimidating Kurdish rights activists who are carrying out legal activities in the UK.

In one story, one newspaper distributor of the legal Kurdish newspaper, Ozgur Politika, was followed by ‘two English men in a car’ who stopped at every shop that the distributor delivered his newspapers to and got out to record the name and address of the shop. The Kurdish distributor was followed on his rounds and when he’d finished they tried to follow him home.

Another man was stopped by UK plain clothes police, one who spoke Turkish, and was warned about the Kurdish magazines he was distributing. While another newspaper deliverer was given a stop and search leaflet purporting to be under the ‘anti terrorism’ legislation.

These stories come on the back of raids on the homes of members of the Kurdish community one month ago, with still no charges being brought and their possessions still with the police.

Kurdish rights activists point to EU legislation recently passed to crack down on the Kurdish groups in Europe. Both the UK Prime Minister and Home Office Minister Jacqui Smith have assured the Turkish authorities of their cooperation.

David Milliband the UK Foreign Secretary is coming under increasing pressure with unfolding evidence suggesting how the UK has been involved in the torture of UK and foreign citizens, it seems that the Government of the UK are not only now, turning a blind eye to massive human rights abuses but are now helping some of the worlds leading torture states in the suppression of opposition groups.

In the case of the Kurds from Turkey the UK government are now actively assisting the Turkish regime to suppress any Kurdish voice and it is vitally important that this is made public and spoken out against.

Equally important is to monitor and report all and any police intimidation and harrassment against the Kurdish Community in the UK.

If you have any information about any police harrassment of the Kurdish Community in the UK, including searches of premises, cars and of person. Of letters, telephone calls, conversations, arrests or any intimidatory behaviour by the police towards the Kurdish community please contact Hevallo at:

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