Posted by: hevallo | February 9, 2009

Time to Release Apo!

Just to hear his voice was an honour.

Kurdish people would stop whatever they were doing, rooms would go silent, people would come to the TV and listen to his distinctive voice, that would electrify all who listened to him.

I remember working in Kurdish centres and tape recordings that were recorded in Damascus especially for that audience would be brought right the way over Europe and be played before an audience.

‘An audience with Apo‘ would be the nearest that most of us would ever get to him.

Then of course we all know people, ‘who knew Apo‘ had spoken with him, lived with him, played volleyball with him, ate with him and met with him. I have known many such people over the years.

Many of course are now ‘martyred’. Gone.

They all spoke with such great affection and love for this man who, frankly, against all of the odds, saved a people from forced assimilation.

For all Kurds who are now proud to be a Kurd it is to him, Abdullah Ocalan, they have to thank.

It was the Turkish regimes stated and formal intention to annihilate the Kurdish identity in Turkey and make all Kurds, Turks.

This is a historical fact.

Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK, began the resistance and defence of a whole people……he turned the tide from attempted cultural genocide by the Turkish state, where Kurdish people would deny their existence, and dissuade their children from learning Kurdish, to resistance and Kurdish pride.
Of the three great Kurdish leaders, Abdullah Ocalan, Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani, where are they now?

Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq.

Massoud Barzani, President of ‘Kurdistan’.

Abdullah Ocalan, Treason Trial prisoner on Imrali Island.

Not one photograph or image of this Kurdish leader! Just the mere suggestion that he has been mistreated leads to uprisings where people lose their lives.

Imagine how powerful this man is that he can strike such fear into the Turkish regime.


Because Abdullah Ocalan is The Kurdish Question!

Without him there can be no solution. For he led the Kurdish people from death and suppression to life and resistance.



Please just take a moment just sign this petition.

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