Posted by: hevallo | April 5, 2009

The Snow is Melting! Is Hope also Melting?

The snow is melting!
by Hevallo

The Turkish state terror inflicted upon the Kurdish population over the last week has raised many people’s worries over the Turkish State’s reaction to the massive and decisive victory of the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish party DTP won the local elections in Kurdistan sending a very direct message to the government in Ankara.

Even in places where they, ‘lost’ returning delegations confirm what local DTP officials have been saying, that thousands of votes that were cast for the DTP were found in bins, dumps and even in one case in Mus, visiting delegation found a burning pile of papers behind the election station and found them to be piles of election votes for the DTP.

This meant that with a combination of ‘dirty’ tricks and tactical voting by battalions of Turkish troops who occupy Kurdistan, democracy was denied.

While, again, the Kurdish people dare to hope.

Dare to believe that through participating in the democratic process and working night and day to produce a historic and powerful victory that, maybe, just maybe they will be rewarded with what is rightfully theirs.

Peace and Justice!

Peace from the racist assimilationist policies of the racist Turkish state.

And justice for the crimes against humanity they have been subjected to over the last 70 years or more.

We are at an historic crossroads.

The legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people, led since 1978 by Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdistan Workers Party (Paritya Karkerin Kurdistan) has brought the Kurdish people from the darkness of racism and assimilation to the brink of freedom.

Barack Obama is visiting Turkey today and many people have hope. Hope that there will be recognition of the Kurdish people’s struggle and hope that the dark days of Turkish state terrorism are behind us.

Hope that DTP/PKK will be invited to a ‘Kurdish Conference’ in Arbil to begin the negotiations for the end of this conflict that has taken so many lives.

But just as we dared to hope there have been two incidents, Amara and Agri, that indicate that this is not the thinking of the Turkish state.

That they have a different plan.

Could we be seeing the beginnings of the unity of the Turkish Generals and the AKP that we saw last year when we saw Abdullah Gul on the front line with the Generals, giving AKP’s full support to the ‘military solution’.

Now the elections are over, the real face of the racist Turkish state is coming to the fore, again!

They could not achieve election victory in Kurdistan so are they now returning to the only way they know how to occupy Kurdistan, by military force and suppression?

The snow is melting!

The Turkish state knows the snow is melting and knows that the Kurdish people’s defenders are on the move.

Which road, war or peace?

As always, the Kurdish Freedom Movement is more than ready for both!


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