Posted by: hevallo | April 7, 2009

Demonstrate: Stop the Criminalisation of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

The African National Congress were labelled a ‘terrorist’ organisation by Margaret Thatcher. By doing this she supported the racist Aparthied regime in South Africa.

Countries with geopolitical interests in Turkey and the Middle East have turned a blind eye to the massive and systematic war crimes of the Turkish regime against the Kurdish population in Turkey.

They have done this by providing Turkey with arms and weapons.

But more effectively, they have done this by remaining silent of Turkey’s crimes and labelling the very people who are victims of Turkish State terrorism as ‘criminals and terrorists’.

The Kurdistan Workers Party emerged from within the Kurdish people in Turkey at one of the darkest moments for the Kurds.

The Turkish state was pursuing a stated aim of annihilation of the Kurds and forced assimilation into Turkish society, language and culture. This meant a policy of forced depopulation with the most horrendous and horrific savage repression against the Kurds.

Repression on a scale that has been seen against the Jews in Germany and Black South Africans in the Aparthied era.

It was only the PKK that fought back against these racist murderous policies.

Racism began as a justification for slavery. The victims being labelled as inferior or criminal and so justifying the barbaric murderous polices of mass genocide.

And so the Kurds are labelled as ‘terrorists’ as the Irish were during the 800 years of English colonial rule in Ireland.

The time has come to challenge this label hung around the necks of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle. Especially at a time when Turkish state terrorism against the Kurdish people is increasing!

In the UK over the past 3 months the UK have again been supporting Turkish suppression of the Kurds as there has been a determined effort to clamp down and label supporters of the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Everyone who supports the legitimate struggle of Kurds for freedom must join this demonstration to say:


25th April 2009
Dalston Junction 12.30hrs Depart 1300hrs.

(on corner of Balls Pond Road junction, behind Barcleys Bank)
March to Kurdish Community Centre.

Called by the Kurdish Federation in UK.
Supported by Kurdish Community Centre, Halkevi, Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre, Kurdish Solidarity Committee and Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

For more information please call:

Arzu Pesmen: 07960302192 or Mark Campbell: 07865079415


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