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KCK Statement on Elections, Ceasefire and Proposals for Peace.

Press Release and Statement from the KCK.
(Before the DTP detentions)

Turkey`s local elections in which all the parties have participated went ahead with an atmosphere of a general election.

The election closely watched by eveybody, was won by the patriotic democratic line. Externally-internally, biased or unbiased all the political parties and media indicated that Kurdish people rejected the policies of the state and the AKP government.

The election result showed that the problem will not reach a solution without acceptance by our leader Apo, the PKK and the DTP.

The result of the elections increased the expectations of both internal and external public opinion for the Kurdish problem to be solved with new policies and leaving the old ones behind.

Although the elections were not undertaken with equal and fair conditions as there was a heavy presence of soldiers and police in Kurdistan, the result basically showed the general trend.

DTP achieved an absolute success in the important cities and towns of North Kurdistan.

People of Kurdistan have showed their will through the DTP which has a project for a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem.

If the Kurdish people are seen as part of the population of Turkey, political decision makers in Turkey have a responsibility to take the consequences of what this will demands, into account.

Taking this responsibility is one of the obligations of a democratic state as well as respecting the election results. The Kurdish People celebrated Newroz with the slogans of “free identity”, “free Ocalan” and “democratic administration”. And DTP used these slogans during the party`s election campaign.

By the people of Kurdistan accepting the DTP`s program also gives responsibilities to our movement. The Kurdistan Freedom Movement has always showed an effort to solve the Kurdish problem in a political way.

Since December 2008, our movement prevented clashes up until the 29 March elections in order to show both a political solution was necessary for Turkey as well as to make sure the elections are undertaken in a peaceful atmosphere, and not to strengthen the hands of those of demagogy propaganda to solve the Kurdish issue by methods of war which leaves the problem unresolved as a result.

Military inactivity in clashes up until 29 March elections was a result of our movement`s decisions.

The Turkish army being in compliance to this approach at an important level has resulted in a situation which everybody in Turkey felt and asked for. For the first time the thought that Kurdish problem could be solved seemed possible.

Our movement will continue with the non military approach until 1 June in order to give a chance for dialogue and policies based upon a democratic solution.

Our decision on a ceasefire has been supported by our leadership who remaining in one sole prison at the Imrali Island defended decisively a democratic solution and peace.

However, an increase in the Turkish army`s operations in Sirnak and Dersim at a time when Leader Apo has stated his support for the ceasefire is thought provoking and significant.

At the same time the meeting of the coordination in Bagdad for an elimination plan, together with the Turkish media`s supportive war coverage do not allow peace and the democratic process to proceed.

On the contrary, it damages the process as such.

The events that took place aftermath of the elections; two Kurdish youth being killed, increased number of arrests and the increase in operations make it difficult for a solution to come about.

The elimination plans at an international level does not serve the problem to be solved. It does not matter from whom it comes, labelling PKK as a terrorist, strengthens the hands of those that insist on deadlock of the problem.

The last 25 years has showed that policies based upon military operations, clashes, repression and violence cannot solve the problem. The deadlock policies are not beneficial for Turkey or anyone else.

The Kurdish problem`s democratic solution is in the interest of Turkey and the governments in the region.

Our movement is for the option for a democratic solution and it is our expectation to be encouraged on this.

We also believe that Kurdistan National Conference can contribute to a democratic and peace process.

Our movement believe that the problem can be solved through dialogue and progressive approaches and that our decision on the inactiviation of our armed struggle until 1 June gives a way to it.

Unless there is an attack, we will adhere to our decision.

We will strengthen our decision by an intensive project that we will in the near future declare.

We call upon firstly on the Turkish State and other forces, those who are for the peace, to be responsible and contribute to the solution of the problem.

We call upon on all Kurdish sides and Kurdish democratic public opinion to show intense effort for the process to proceed for a democratic solution.

Also the USA and all the international and regional forces to be liable of their responsibilities and contribute for the Kurdish problem to be solved by means of peace.

12 April 2009



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