Posted by: hevallo | April 17, 2009

Mandela and Ocalan. Both Jailed for Fighting for the Freedom of their People!

The Lawyer for Nelson Mandela was recently in Turkey and publicly spoke of Nelson Mandela’s support for the Kurdish people’s Freedom Struggle.

Essa Moosa, spoke out when visiting Turkey on official buisness, against the criminalisation of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and compared Abdullah Ocalan to Nelson Mandela.

Expressing Nelson Mandela’s support for the Kurdish Freedom Struggle he said,”Both Mandela and Öcalan have struggled for their people!” He also emphasized that both had been arrested almost in same condition and held on island prisons and noting that the Kurdish leader was even more isolated than Nelson Mandela was.

“Mandela’s fight was all about South African’s freedom, as Abdullah Öcalan’s fight is about Kurd’s freedom!”

But when Ahmet Turk the leader of the pro Kurdish rights party, DTP made the same comparison publicly recently, the Turkish procecutors have now taken out a court case against him! They are now trying to “criminalise the truth!”

The Kurdish people are still on their long and painful road to freedom!
But they will get there!


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