Posted by: hevallo | April 17, 2009

No Turkish Government Election Victory. No Kurdish Conference. Only Repression!

The Kurdish people have spoilt the international conspiracy plotted against them. Now the plotters are going home and taking their toys or rather, their conference, with them.

There will be no Kurdish conference in Arbil!

AKP was so confident of victory in NW Kurdistan that they had a conference organised with the help of Talabani to ‘solve the Kurdish Question’!

The plan was that they were going to point to a defeated DTP and tell the PKK to lay down its arms and admit defeat.

But the decisive and historic victory for the Kurdish Freedom Movement of March 29th 2009 has exposed their ‘psychological warfare’ for what it is, lies and spin. AKP is now requested that it is ‘postponed’, however many believe it now will not happen!

From Zaman: In an article published in the Radikal daily on Wednesday, Cengiz Çandar expressed disappointment over the lack of any development vis-a-vis the Kurdish conference.

“There are no developments regarding the Kurdish conference. It was highly expected to be held in Arbil in late April or early May. Putting aside April, it will be a miracle if this conference gathers in May.

How do I know that? I recently went to Washington to give a presentation on Turkish and Iraqi Kurds. The person who accompanied me was a Kurdish official from the Kurdistan Regional Administration responsible for the preparations of the conference. He said there was no preparation for the conference at the time being,” Çandar wrote in his article.

So now AKP is so angry at being defeated in the local elections that it is rounding up the victors of the election, torturing and imprisoning them. This is so obviously not going to solve anything and only create further conflict.

How long is it going to take before they finally realise that perhaps the best policy might be to include the PKK and DTP in any conference they might be going to organise to solve the Kurdish issue.



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