Posted by: hevallo | April 22, 2009

Ahmet Turk in UK Parliament; "Kurds too, have Dreams!"

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. “ Martin Luther King.

LONDON – The leader of the Democratic Society Party, or DTP, said Kurds have dreams too and called on British parliamentarians to support a solution to the Kurdish problem, in a speech during a reception at the House of Commons in London.

“We see that even the strongest country in the world changes. The Martin Luther King dream has become a reality in America. The Kurdish people too have a dream just as beautiful as King’s,” Ahmet Türk said.

Türk also attended a meeting hosted by a newspaper that publishes in Turkish and Kurdish. Türk said the only struggle the Kurds are engaged in is one of creating an atmosphere where they can express themselves freely in the region where they live. “We live in an important region.

The Kurds are one of the most important peoples in the Middle East. Unfortunately the Kurdish people have to live in four separate countries and their democratic rights have been violated,” he said.

He said the Kurdish people understand human rights so much more since they have been the people to suffer most in the Middle East. He said despite their will to live democratically, Kurds are still viewed as a potential danger in the region. He said despite all the difficulties of the past 30 years the Kurds will continue to remain active in democratic politics.

Reflecting on the results of the March 29 local elections, Türk said his party still faces the same dangers as in the past despite the party’s election success. “Our party received strong support in the Kurdish-populated regions.

We see this as an important opportunity for peace and democracy. Despite our strong showing in the elections and the support of the people, important members in our cadre were arrested following the elections.

Such events harm not only the Kurdish people but democracy as well. We hope that problems are dealt with through dialogue in the future,” Türk said. Türk asked the parliamentarians present for support to solve the Kurdish problem saying it should be solved internally but it has international dimensions too.

He said Kurds want to be free and equal citizens in a united Turkey. When asked about a map of “Kurdistan” in a Kurdish cultural center in London, Türk said: “I haven’t seen such a map. I haven’t paid attention either. Statements that create nervousness in the people are of no good to anyone.” Source:Hurriyet.


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